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The Big Switch!

Posted by Mike on November 10th, 2004

With this post, I am starting the third iteration of mikesmind.com. My first iteration was a simple website, authored in HTML. The second iteration was a nice site using XOOPS as the platform. While I was happy with XOOPS, I started to get interested in WordPress. This brings me to the third iteration.

With the switch to WordPress, I have also changed hosting companies. As part of the transition, I will be setting up the old mikesmind.com XOOPS site at the new host. Once that is setup, I will put a link up on the new mikesmind.com to the old content.

I’m looking forward to learning WordPress and making this into a better website than before. It’s so much fun! I can’t wait to do more.

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  1. What’s on Mike’s mind? » Blog Archive » Ten Years Online Says:

    […] Then in January of 2002 I setup the first version of mikesmind.com.  You can see the page in the Wayback Machine. (The images and background are missing now.) I think I was blogging before blogging was so popular! In 2004 I moved this site to XOOPS and in November of 2004 I moved this site to WordPress. […]

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