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The Beginning

Posted by Mike on January 13th, 2005

Last month I officially started my family on an adventure. Sure, we have been talking and dreaming about this for years. We even had one false start. This time it is for real. It’s our Farming Adventure. You might think that this is a strange adventure, but that it our dream and we are pursuing it. It is even more than a dream, it is the very thing that God wants my family to do.

Why become a farmer? I married a farm girl, but I have always been a city boy. My children dream of having a cow, some sheep, a llama, some chickens, farm cats, and a couple of dogs on our farm. It really isn’t a bad dream after all! I want to be able to provide more (if not all) real food for my family. We have been buying a lot of it direct from farmers. Having a farm is the next logical step.

Our farm is starting from scratch. We purchased 40 acres of Iowa farm ground. I won’t say that it is prime, but it is dirt. There aren’t any structures on the land, just trees, pasture, and some open acres where the previous owner planted soybeans. I plan to make that pasture too.

It is a big dream. There is a lot to do. I will share the progress of our Family Farm Adventure, right here, on mikesmind.com.

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