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TV and Fast Food

Posted by Mike on January 21st, 2005

I was thinking about starting a new category called Quotes. Originally, I was going to search for the “perfect” quote to open posting in this new category. There are a lot to choose from. In fact, most of my favorite quotes come directly from the Bible. As it turns out, I picked a quote from a user’s signature on Slashdot.

Fast Food: Corporate America in your body
Television: Corporate America in your mind

This quote caught my attention because it rings so true in my life. I kicked the television habit several years ago when we put our television in a box for two months. In other words, we went “cold turkey.” It’s out of the box and relegated to the basement. The TV doesn’t get turned on much at all. I remember our household being picked for a Nielsen TV ratings. At the end of the week, nearly all the pages were empty. I wonder how many of these surveys are turned it with so few hours of television being watched by a family.

I am in the process of kicking the fast food habit. I include all types of fast food in this category, not just the stuff you buy at a fast food restaraunt. If it is processed and packaged, it is usually a type of fast food. This food exists even in health food stores. In my family, we are trying to eat real food. It’s a big change and it takes more time. However, my body knows what to do with it. Contrast that with the Standard American Diet (SAD), with its’ processing, chemical additives, and artificial ingredients.

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