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Planning for Spring

Posted by Mike on February 24th, 2005

The update on my farming adventure is way overdue. I am busy trying to decide how to convert what used to be soybeans into lush pasture. The main problem with the ground where the soybeans used to be is that the previous owner planted some genetically engineered variety that you can blast with pesticides and it won’t die. I would mention names here, but after reading that companies’ terms of use for their website and the information contained therein, I decided it would be better not to mention names.

I’ve stated the main problem with the cropland, but there is a minor problem too. One small area didn’t get sprayed, so the previous owner left the soybeans and the weeds grow to feed the deer and other wildlife. (Yum, GMO-fed deer!) This area needs to be taken care of too.

I’ve been researching and talking to others who know something about natural farming and think that I have a strategy for the main problem. I plan on planting oats this spring. When the oats are ready, I’ll harvest the crop and either sell it or trade it. I’m going to make square bales out of the straw and save those for bedding. I will then plant my pasture mix this fall.

I think that the minor problem can be solved in much the same way as the main one. The only difference is that I have to get the old plant material out of the way and I’m not sure what I will do about that.

With all that in mind, I need to find a farmer with equipment to do the work. (I don’t have the equipment to do it yet.) I figure that I can trade the oats and some big, round, alfalfa bales for the work. This needs to be lined up in the next couple of weeks. Spring is coming soon!

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