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Posted by Mike on 26th April 2005

I find that inspiration is a fleeting moment. It is here one minute and gone the next. The most important action you can take when inspiration hits you, is to stop what you are doing and “catch” the inspiration in some way. The obvious way is to write it down. I’ve left myself voice messages when inspired, too.

Inspiration is often separate from creativity. If you record your inspired thoughts, you will be able to apply your creativity to them later. If you neglect to record your inspired thoughts, you won’t remember them when you want to be creative.

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Seed Finally Ordered

Posted by Mike on 19th April 2005

It took me a lot longer to get my seed ordered than I thought it would. I talked to several farmers and received a lot of good advice. The hard part was that the advice conflicted sometimes. I decided to take some of all their advice and leaned more towards the advice of the farmer that would be buying most of my hay. I figure that he has some preferences that will help me out in the short run, and I can always modify my approach in the future.

Here’s what I decided upon:

  • Oats 60#/acre
  • Orchard Grass 5#/acre
  • Brome Grass 4#/acre
  • Alfalfa 3#/acre
  • Birdsfoot Treefoil 2#/acre
  • Timothy 2#/acre
  • Red Clover 2#/acre
  • Alsike Clover 3/4#/acre

I have 15 acres to plant. It’s been rainy so the ground can’t be worked yet. I’m praying for a dry week so these seeds can get planted.

UPDATE: (4/20/05) I got a call from Don last night. (Don owns the farm across the road and is doing the field work for me.) He was able to get the field disced. His plan was to plant this morning, if it didn’t rain overnight. It did rain, so the seed will need to be planted another day. I’m happy for the progress!

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Reforming Project Mangement

Posted by Mike on 18th April 2005

I highly recommend Hal Macomber’s blog, Reforming Project Management. Click on the link and see if you can find these two items: (1) Ten Rules for Project Mangers and (2) Five Elements of a Reliable Promise. I especially like how Hal keeps turning us back to the basics of good communication on projects. It is so important!

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Posted by Mike on 15th April 2005

It is a beautiful spring morning.

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I Never Knew…

Posted by Mike on 14th April 2005

I never realized what a marriage license really meant. By this, I mean, what it represents legally. I came across this article while researching marriage issues. I have three daughters and need to be informed, in advance, how God wants them to marry.

My wife and I were married with a marriage license. We thought we were doing the right thing. That was 19 years ago. My thinking has changed. I don’t want the government to have jurisdiction over matters that it has no God given, or constitutional, right to do so.

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Domain Recovered

Posted by Mike on 10th April 2005

I posted an update on closetojesus.org about the resolution of my long-running attempt to get control of this domain back. You can read about it here.

My caution to everyone. Be certain about the integrity of the hosting company you choose. I had a lot of problems because the original hosting company I selected, was sold to another company. That, turned out to be a nightmare.

If you are looking for a great hosting company, I can recommend webs4christ.

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My New Name

Posted by Mike on 8th April 2005

I recently changed my last name from Thieme to Winterthieme. Many people that know me, are asking me why I did it, so here is the background. It is something that I wanted to do when I was married 19 years ago. As you might guess, my wife’s maiden name is Winter. We decided that when we married, we would put our names together to create a new name. However, the night before our wedding, I backed out. We then agreed that Loni and the children would take the Winterthieme name. As time went on, I decided that it would be better for my family to be united under one name. I determined that I would honor and follow-through on the original plan my wife and I had for our name. I am now officially, Michael William Winterthieme!

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What happened to March?

Posted by Mike on 5th April 2005

It has been a long time since I last posted. I can’t say anything, except that March was a blur. Family life has been busy and so has work. We also took a trip up to Wisconsin. While there, we toured the Cedar Grove Cheese factory. It is a small cheese factory and we were there to check out their raw milk organic cheese. We brought back a 22 pound block of mild cheddar. It is delicious! When home, we shredded most of it, but saved some back for slices and samples. If you have questions about raw milk cheese, check out the Weston A. Price Foundation and A Campaign for Real Milk for more information.

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