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Domain Recovered

Posted by Mike on April 10th, 2005

I posted an update on closetojesus.org about the resolution of my long-running attempt to get control of this domain back. You can read about it here.

My caution to everyone. Be certain about the integrity of the hosting company you choose. I had a lot of problems because the original hosting company I selected, was sold to another company. That, turned out to be a nightmare.

If you are looking for a great hosting company, I can recommend webs4christ.

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  1. Daddy Work @ Home » Multiple Streams of Income - Part 3 - Online Store Says:

    […] Domain Name – I get and manage my domains through Go Daddy. I have found their pricing and management options to be the best. I recommend that you do not buy your domain through a hosting company. This is one thing you don’t want to intermingle. You can read about my trouble with one domain, here. […]

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