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My New Name

Posted by Mike on April 8th, 2005

I recently changed my last name from Thieme to Winterthieme. Many people that know me, are asking me why I did it, so here is the background. It is something that I wanted to do when I was married 19 years ago. As you might guess, my wife’s maiden name is Winter. We decided that when we married, we would put our names together to create a new name. However, the night before our wedding, I backed out. We then agreed that Loni and the children would take the Winterthieme name. As time went on, I decided that it would be better for my family to be united under one name. I determined that I would honor and follow-through on the original plan my wife and I had for our name. I am now officially, Michael William Winterthieme!

2 Responses to “My New Name”

  1. carol neils Says:

    That’s really quite interesting, Mike! I have heard of couples that do this, either use a combination of both names or take a completely new name. ‘Wintertheime’ does have a nice ring to it.

  2. Gale Says:

    Hi Mike,
    How are you doing? What’s up with your life?
    I’m living in Wilmington, NC and working for the State Division of Coastal Management (I regulate all construction and environmental impacts on local coastal waters). I’ve applied and may go Federal in Florida – they pay alot better. My daughter Danielle is 19 and lives in New York working for an international Law firm and completing her masters. She speaks 19 languages fluently now? David – my second has muscular dystrophy. He is 19 years old, 6 ft. tall and weighs 64 lbs. His brain is sharp but, the life expectancy is short. Michael is 18 and graduates this year from high school. I believe he will go to college here in NC. Karen and I? Councilors from MDA sudjested that we divorce when they diagnosed David telling us that statistically no marriage makes it through what we have been living through. You remember me. Hard headed, relying on my faith. I should have listened to them. The wife in the family usually feels guilt which grows and grows as the child suffers and gets weaker. This hate and anger is focused at the Dad, explaining why statistically no marriage makes it through this. After David dies, we will split and go our different ways. My family in Nebraska? I have split from them already. When something bad/long term bad happens, family either gathers around to help or steps back and tries to justify there actions with a sharp tongue. What they do shows the true inner self of that person. Anyway, Ive had enough. God sure gave me some wars to fight.
    I saw your ebay sales. Funny, I have been doing the same with antique tools. I sell the junk at local flea markets and the good stuff on ebay. I also work for a local hardwood shop turning on a wood lathe that I sold them. Last year I made more money turning spindles for the local historical society than I did working for the State or my retirement from Uncle Sam. It is a stress releaver.
    Do you remember Blaine Anderson from South Sioux? He reciently retired from the Air Force and is working for a firm down in Florida now. In the service he worked on the laser sited missles so the private firm pays him an arm and a leg to help further develope the same.
    The Tuna are biting off shore, flounder is doing well in the inner coastal water ways, oysters and clams are best this time of year, I’m living on the ocean like I always wanted – but I’m not enjoying it at all.
    – Enough –
    The name change sounds good. To me though, it doesn’t matter one way or the other. I still remember you as the friend who was a truely good person.
    I wish you and yours the best. God bless, Gale

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