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Seed Finally Ordered

Posted by Mike on April 19th, 2005

It took me a lot longer to get my seed ordered than I thought it would. I talked to several farmers and received a lot of good advice. The hard part was that the advice conflicted sometimes. I decided to take some of all their advice and leaned more towards the advice of the farmer that would be buying most of my hay. I figure that he has some preferences that will help me out in the short run, and I can always modify my approach in the future.

Here’s what I decided upon:

  • Oats 60#/acre
  • Orchard Grass 5#/acre
  • Brome Grass 4#/acre
  • Alfalfa 3#/acre
  • Birdsfoot Treefoil 2#/acre
  • Timothy 2#/acre
  • Red Clover 2#/acre
  • Alsike Clover 3/4#/acre

I have 15 acres to plant. It’s been rainy so the ground can’t be worked yet. I’m praying for a dry week so these seeds can get planted.

UPDATE: (4/20/05) I got a call from Don last night. (Don owns the farm across the road and is doing the field work for me.) He was able to get the field disced. His plan was to plant this morning, if it didn’t rain overnight. It did rain, so the seed will need to be planted another day. I’m happy for the progress!

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