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Archive for October, 2005

Frog Likes Hymn

Posted by Mike on 25th October 2005

We have a frog that my children are studying. My family and I were singing Trust and Obey, Sunday night. We were on the last stanza when the frog started croaking. While it was funny, we were able to continue singing praises to our Lord with great joy in our voices! When we were done singing, so was the frog.

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Expectation Constraints

Posted by Mike on 13th October 2005

Do not let process get in the way of good project management. You need to find ways to achieve what your sponsor considers success. You have to work with your sponsor and stakeholders to deliver what you can within the constraints of their expectations. Have honest conversations to make sure that you and your sponsor understand each other, with the emphasis on you, understanding your sponsor.

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VarLinux Down

Posted by Mike on 10th October 2005

EDIT: VarLinux is up and running again! If you are interested in what happened, here is a link.

I went to VarLinux for my regular read of FOSS news and discovered that it is down. 🙁

The following message is posted by their hosting company.

This Account Has Been Suspended

If you are the account holder and you are seeing this page, this means that repeated attempts to contact you to resolve any billing or abuse issues have been unsuccessful.

Please e-mail the AlphaOne Technology Customer Service department as soon as possible.

If you are a regular at VarLinux, post a comment here. Maybe we can do something to help Nick get the site back up and running!

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