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Linux on ThinkPad

Posted by Mike on November 24th, 2005

I have been working to put on a used ThinkPad. Maybe I shouldn’t say “working”, because it has been a lot of fun. I purchased an IBM Model T-23 on eBay. The purchase itself was a lot of trouble, as I had to send back two laptops before I got one that works.

I decided to install Ubuntu 5.10, aka Breezy Badger. With this installation, I am also taking the leap from KDE to Gnome. The installation went very well and my laptop was functioning quite well with the default installation. I did, however, want to get as much of the custom ThinkPad “stuff” working as possible, so I did some searching.

The Ubuntu Forums proved quite useful. While poking around in them, I found a link to a great page for configuring Ubuntu 5.10 on a ThinkPad.

Now, it’s back to work! I need to move files from my old PC to my “new” laptop.

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