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New Category: Testing

Posted by Mike on December 2nd, 2005

Beginning in November, I was given a new project at work. This project is concerned with establishing a QA/Testing practice with the purpose of testing a new vendor-written policy administration system. It is a big undertaking. My team is established and we have completed most of the project planning. Work is underway to select automated testing tools. Right now, we are getting demos from the finalists. We are also starting to define the testing requirements, prior to creating test cases. This is a challenge, as we only have a rough demo system, the requirements documents, and our business knowledge to work with.

In preparation for this role, I got involved with the Des Moines Area Quality Assurance Association, or DAQAA. The meetings have helped me learn something about testing as a competency.

I have also been doing some reading, on the internet, from people in the testing profession. Click here for a list of the bookmarks I have collected so far.

Since we are starting with a low-level understanding of formalized testing as a competency, I looked for some training on testing. I came across a course that I think will help us with our task. It is called A Course in Black Box Testing by Cem Kaner and James Bach.

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