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The Perils of Daycare

Posted by Mike on 6th March 2006

My 14 month old daughter started nursery school two weeks ago.  As expected, she has been ill with colds ever since, and is now on antibiotics for a chest and ear infection.  Still, she is a generous little girl ;o) – she is passing all of the bugs onto us.

I received this at the top of an email newsletter I read. As someone who put my first two children in daycare and kept my third-born son home, I can tell you that it is easy to avoid the problem described above. Don’t put your children in daycare!

Message to the fathers!  If at all possible, make it so your wife can stay home.

You may think that you can’t afford to have only one person working, but I can tell you from experience that while it may be tough at first, you and your family will prosper in the long run. Not only that, your children will be healthier. The immune system is something to strengthen, not something to beat down with avoidable childhood diseases. Strengthen your immune systems (especially your children) through diet and common sense.  For more information on diet, see the Weston A. Price Foundation website.

Bottom line. Have the mother nurture the children at home. Keep your children out of daycare. They were meant to be with their mother.

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Google Maps

Posted by Mike on 2nd March 2006

For ease of use, Google Maps is amazing! I have a consultant coming into town next week and it only took me 5 minutes to give him the following directions.


Directions to Hotel from Airport:

Directions from Hotel to GuideOne Insurance:

Directions from GuideOne Insurance to Airport:

I especially liked the flexibility of the address input. It even took the “address” of Des Moines International Airport! That’s all I typed.

All in all, it was a far superior experience to MapQuest.


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