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Archive for October, 2006

I just love it when…

Posted by Mike on 30th October 2006

my Inbox gets to…..

Zero Items

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Truck for Sale

Posted by Mike on 29th October 2006

I have my 1982 GMC pickup truck for sale. Click here for details.

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More Time Each Day

Posted by Mike on 29th October 2006

Several years ago, we began the practice, in our family, of not changing our clocks when it was time to switch back to standard time. It has become one of my favorite times of the year! Now I can sleep in, a little, and be one hour ahead when I start my day.

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Posted by Mike on 24th October 2006

I just saw this acronym. It stands for Firefox/OpenOffice/GNU/Linux. It is supposed to cover browser, office suite and email.  However, the email part of the equation is not covered in this particular acronym. I use Mozilla Thunderbird. The GNU/Linux distribution I use is Ubuntu, although I am going to try Freespire. Here is an article on free software’s secret weapon: FOOGL.

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Something to always remember…

Posted by Mike on 23rd October 2006

“How often misused words generate misleading thoughts.” — Herbert Spencer

I find that this can happen easily with blogging.

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Applying Life Lessons, Gained Through Experience

Posted by Mike on 8th October 2006

I was reflecting today about the past few months, and then years, and the experiences I have gone through. There have been many highs and lows. All in all, these have been growing experiences. Several major things have happened and I feel that it will be good to share some of them over the next few weeks.

I am a project manager by profession and a father by choice. Naturally, I will have observations to share that impact all facits of my life. Here is a short list of the things that have happened over the past few years, which I will be writing about. (In general, when I say “we,” I am referring to my wife and me.)

  1. My wife and I had two miscarriages.
  2. We helped plant a church and then God moved us out.
  3. We became licensed foster parents.
  4. We foster parented, and then adopted, a brother and sister.
  5. I was reassigned job responsibilities, at work.
  6. We are still working at blending two new children into our family that now totals seven.
  7. I have taken two FMLA leaves, to work on family issues, related to adoption.
  8. We started a new business venture called Ten Foot Table Incorporated.
  9. We moved our family to the country and started farming.
  10. We have struggled to find support from our extended family.

I don’t want you to think that the above list is a list of complaints, because it is not. We have been blessed in everything that has happened. I do believe what God says in Romans 8:28.

And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose. Romans 8:28 (KJV)

I look for the good in thes experiences. I search to see the truth in what has been taught me. I try to use my 20/20, hindsight, vision to reflect on what I have been through. I try to learn and become a doer of what I learned. I try to move forward in a better way.

I am a little afraid blogging about these things. For that reason, I will be careful about what I say. I want to share what I have learned, not complain about what I have been through. With these thoughts, I will strive to make these posts positive ones. I pray that it will benefit somebody. I know it will benefit me.

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