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Archive for December, 2007

Making a Gantt Chart with Excel

Posted by Mike on 27th December 2007

I needed to create a simple Gantt Chart to communicate a high-level project plan and found this great little tutorial on YouTube.

This is a useful technique to remember. Often project management tools such as Primavera or Microsoft Project are too heavy for communicating at a high level. Most of you stakeholder community needs an easy to understand picture of the project. Excel fits the bill for this.

Thanks to Ralph Phillips for sharing this tutorial.

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Another Mikesmind

Posted by Mike on 26th December 2007

There are now two “Mikesmind”s blogging.  I monitor blog posts related to my name and the blogs I write.  I have a blog-search defined in Google Reader for mikesmind.  Click here to look at the other mikesmind blog.  He is from Singapore, while I am from Iowa, USA.

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