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College and making a wise investment

Posted by Mike on May 23rd, 2008

A little over a year ago, I put out a blog entry called The College CBA. Recently, Vox Day put out a post called More doubts about college. Then, there is an interesting discussion on the Promised Land blog for the post called Where Have All The Daughters Gone?. In it, the observation is made that college and career seems to be the preferred path for homeschooled daughters. Not to leave the sons out, based on my experience, there are many opportunities in the trades. (If you are service-oriented and do a good job at what you promise, you will do well.) I think it is most important that a young man prepare himself to support a wife and children, if he plans to get married. Once again, the bar is not very high for a young man to excel and set himself apart. A job well done or a quality product, or service, are not well known any more. A lot of opportunity is waiting and I do not believe that many of those opportunities absolutely require a college degree.

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