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GO GREEN or not?

Posted by Mike on September 8th, 2008

I can’t help it, but I like to get paper statements for my bills and financial transactions. There is something about seeing it in black and white and knowing that the information on it is safe in my files. Now I realize that it is an expense for these companies to send me a paper statement. However, in most cases, they make enough money to send me my copy. Is that selfish? Maybe! Or, maybe not.

The “in” thing this year is to GO GREEN! It is so popular that nearly every envelope from a corporation big enough to have a Go Green Department is telling me to get my statements online and save some trees. Sorry! That is just a cost transfer from them to me. If my statements are online and I need a hard copy, I have to print them on my printer with my ink. Sure, that is good for HP, but costs me money. (Yes, I understand that I pay for my statements in the prices I pay. But, come to think of it, where is my Go Green discount!)

Another thing that I notice in these GO GREEN envelopes are several pages of inserted ads. Shouldn’t they GO GREEN now and eliminate these extra paper-wasting items? Oh, I forget. These ads generate REVENUE. Hmm… Does the revenue bring in more than GO GREEN will save? I’ll leave that up to the accounting department to figure out.

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