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You Tube Problems Resolved on Ubuntu 8.10

Posted by Mike on March 21st, 2009

A few weeks ago, I upgraded to Ubuntu 8.10 – Intrepid Ibex.  One thing that I had problems with, and according to my searching many others did too, was playing flash videos like those on You Tube.  It took me some time to resolve it, but the following two guides did the trick.  Not only are they easy to follow, but they did solve my problems with both sound and flash video.

One thing I find when searching forums is that there is a lot of “try this” and “try that.”  That approach can lead to more problems.  It is real useful when the “try this” and “try that” threads get summarized into a tutorial that really works.

I was having two problems with You Tube on my PC.

  1. Sound: I wasn’t getting sound for a lot of different applications, including videos from You Tube. The  Simple guide to Sound Solutions for Hardy,Intrepid and Jaunty Jackalope Users on Ubuntu Geek worked for me.   This guide is truly step-by-step for fixing sound problems.
  2. Flash Video: My flash video in FireFox 3 would just sit there with the circle of dots going round and round in the center of the screen.  I found a guide called Flash not working with Firefox 3 on Ubuntu Intrepid using flashplugin-nonfree after upgrade from Hardy by Jamie Morrison.  It is not as user friendly as the Ubuntu Geek guide, but it worked.  Follow the steps under the Resolution heading.

Hopefully, these two steps will help you like they helped me!

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