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Cleanse Complete!

Posted by Mike on 10th June 2005

I have now finished my cleanse! Nearly four weeks of intestinal cleansing and during the last week a liver and gallbladder flush. I will not tell you that it was easy. I have eaten only vegetables and fruit for almost four weeks. With today’s results, I can tell you that it was worth it. I took a few pictures. (Warning! Don’t click on the following link if you don’t want to see these!) Here is a link to my gallstone pictures. While the book I used as a guide for the liver flush did tell me what would come out, it is altogether another thing to see it really happen! These stones were blocking my liver and gallbladder, causing them to function poorly.

It will take several more liver flushes to completely clean out my liver and gallbladder. However, each liver flush only takes one week. I won’t need to repeat the intestinal cleanse unless I decide it is needed again. If you have made it this far in this post, perhaps you would like to learn more? I used a book titled The Amazing Liver & Gallbladder Flush: A Powerful Do-It-Yourself Tool To Optimize Your Health and Wellbeing by Andreas Moritz. Mr. Moritz does a great job of explaining the importance of the liver and its’ role in good health. His instructions for the liver and gallbladder flush are excellent. They must be followed to the letter! My only caution is some of his personal beliefs that are touched on in the book. I recommend this book if you are serious about cleaning out your liver and you stick to the chapters that relate to that topic. As far as the flush goes, I must concur with Mr. Moritz – it is amazing!

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Starting Out

Posted by Mike on 24th May 2005

Last week Monday, May 16, I started a four-week intestinal cleanse program. I was not sure whether or not I would blog about it, but as you can see by this post, I decided to do just that. I will add details with each post about the specifics of this cleanse. For starters, this cleanse involves only eating certain fruits and vegetables, along with some herbal supplements. I am happy to say that I have made it through one week and am now on week number two! As I progress through this cleanse, I hope to be strong enough to go on a partial fast. In week four, I will also do a liver and gall bladder cleanse.

I am doing this along with my wife. We both have chronic health conditions that have not been helped, over the last 20 years, by conventional medicine. I sense that something is fundamentally wrong in my body and my hope is that with this cleanse, I will be able to heal some. So far, it has been difficult at times to give up the foods I like and eat such a limited diet. However God, and my wife doing this with me, has helped me greatly when I find it difficult to stay the course. I can see how cleansing and fasting have a spiritual component. I find that very comforting.

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