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The New Constitution?

Posted by Mike on 2nd April 2007

Ed Foster posted an interesting blog entry on Sunday.  It is appropriate for April Fools Day.  He has written a “new” constitution, patterned after software end user license agreements.  Read about it here.  Sadly, it sounds a lot like how our government operates today.  Is the Constitution of the United States really that hard to understand?

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Writing for Security

Posted by Mike on 9th November 2006

I have the most overwhelming need to write this morning, although no particular subject came to mind. Writing is a comfort to me. Maybe I just needed to comfort myself using the written word. I have been reflecting on the freedoms we enjoy in the United States and the freedoms we have lost. Freedom brings responsibility to provide and protect yourself, and those who depend on you. Safety implies that you give up some of your freedom. I have found that being free is more daring and dangerous than being safe. Each person has to decide who they will trust for their safety. I place my trust in God for safety. This gives me great freedom and security. It’s like standing on a hill at night, looking at the stars, listening to the coyotes howl, and knowing that whatever happens, I am safe because God is my strong protector.

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Posted by Mike on 10th February 2006

In his weekly email, Michael Robertson, had links to two different Google searches.

This one is the US version.

This one is the China version.

Interesting comparison. I will let you judge the results for yourself.

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Going to Canada?

Posted by Mike on 30th December 2005

I read James Bach’s blog because I am interested in testing. The following entry is not about testing, but it is about our changing world. Freedoms and rights are eroding. It reminds me, so much, of the stories I have read about the USSR, China, and other oppressive governments. There is no due process, only “probable cause.” Watch out, it is coming to the United States too.

Read Customs and the Computer Guy.

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