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Linux on ThinkPad

Posted by Mike on 24th November 2005

I have been working to put on a used ThinkPad. Maybe I shouldn’t say “working”, because it has been a lot of fun. I purchased an IBM Model T-23 on eBay. The purchase itself was a lot of trouble, as I had to send back two laptops before I got one that works.

I decided to install Ubuntu 5.10, aka Breezy Badger. With this installation, I am also taking the leap from KDE to Gnome. The installation went very well and my laptop was functioning quite well with the default installation. I did, however, want to get as much of the custom ThinkPad “stuff” working as possible, so I did some searching.

The Ubuntu Forums proved quite useful. While poking around in them, I found a link to a great page for configuring Ubuntu 5.10 on a ThinkPad.

Now, it’s back to work! I need to move files from my old PC to my “new” laptop.

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VarLinux Down

Posted by Mike on 10th October 2005

EDIT: VarLinux is up and running again! If you are interested in what happened, here is a link.

I went to VarLinux for my regular read of FOSS news and discovered that it is down. 🙁

The following message is posted by their hosting company.

This Account Has Been Suspended

If you are the account holder and you are seeing this page, this means that repeated attempts to contact you to resolve any billing or abuse issues have been unsuccessful.

Please e-mail the AlphaOne Technology Customer Service department as soon as possible.

If you are a regular at VarLinux, post a comment here. Maybe we can do something to help Nick get the site back up and running!

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Linux IQ Test

Posted by Mike on 23rd August 2005

I took the Linux IQ Test. Here is my score.

Linux IQ test
(8 of 10 questions correct)

You may be the type to compile your own kernel. You’re certainly no novice. We have a feeling you’ll enjoy ZDNet’s Linux IT area.

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My Computer Geek Score

Posted by Mike on 10th August 2005

My computer geek score is greater than 50% of all people in the world! How do you compare? Click here to find out!

I have always thought I was more geeky than that. What can I say? I’m just an average guy!

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Another Reason to Use Free and Open Source Software (FOSS)

Posted by Mike on 8th June 2005

I was reading The Bleat today and came across this complaint from James Lileks.

Everything doesn’t work. I tell you, it’s hell. The modem is shot, the old monitor I’m using is blinking short-short-long to indicate an imminent backlight failure (the new monitor is in the shop) and I can’t use my HTML software on the laptop because I lost the original activation code I got, oh, five years ago. I’ve been using upgrades ever since. No idea what the original code is.

He has lost is original product activation key and it looks like he doesn’t have many good options, except buying the software again. I gather from his writing that he uses a Mac. FOSS software may be an answer.

I don’t know his requirements, but I like Nvu for basic WYSIWYG HTML editing.

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Domain Recovered

Posted by Mike on 10th April 2005

I posted an update on closetojesus.org about the resolution of my long-running attempt to get control of this domain back. You can read about it here.

My caution to everyone. Be certain about the integrity of the hosting company you choose. I had a lot of problems because the original hosting company I selected, was sold to another company. That, turned out to be a nightmare.

If you are looking for a great hosting company, I can recommend webs4christ.

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New Version of WordPress

Posted by Mike on 17th February 2005

A new version of WordPress is out. I plan on upgrading in the next few days.

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The Care and Feeding of Old Systems

Posted by Mike on 28th December 2004

I have been waiting for a report on exactly what happened to cause the computer crash that has disabled Comair. I’m not particularly interested in the company, but rather the problem. Here is an article from The Cincinati Post, describing what happened.

Tom Carter, a computer consultant with Clover Link Systems of Los Angeles, said the application has a hard limit of 32,000 changes in a single month.

“This probably seemed like plenty to the designers, but when the storms hit last week, they caused many, many crew reassignments, and the value of 32,000 was exceeded,” he said.

Legacy systems will often contain such hard limits. Usually, they are buried deep in the code and sometimes no one knows that they exist. Any point where such hard limits exist must be discovered. A solution needs to then be designed for each situation. If you are a manager or a maintainer of such a system, it is your responsibility to do this. When you are questioned, just point out the Comair computer disaster.

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